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About Ameri-Global Group


Aggressive infectious outbreaks (SARS, MERS, EBOLA,…etc.) and world pandemics (COVID-19), have created chaos to healthcare professionals and also to the public in most parts of the world, due to the interrupted supply of personal protective equipment (Facemasks, protective clothing, eye shields, gowns, gloves…etc.), sanitizers, antiseptics, scanning thermometers, test kits….etc.  

Simply, we’re a group of healthcare professionals and troubleshooters with expertise in supply chain management; long before the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve decided to join the fight against contagious infections, by sourcing the most needed and hard to secure medical supplies.

We’ve established a reliable partnership with medical supply manufacturers from all over the world and our customers keep coming back for more of our products.

We’re truly committed to supply you with our genuine quality products in the shortest lead time at affordable prices.

Medical Supplies

Areas of Expertise

Protective Face Masks

Sanitizer Products




Due to the rising demand that we noticed on Vitamins, Dietary Supplements, Skin-care & Cosmetics and Sports Nutrition. We are excited to announce our partnership with Well Aliments LLC. utilizing their expertise in the above-mentioned fields, we will be able to offer those products to our customers.

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